Samsung has the nicest range of ARM9-based System on Chip (SoC):

  • the S3C2410 is an ARM920T @ 200MHz & 266MHz, with
    • MMU
    • NAND Flash Boot Loader
    • ROM/SRAM/SDRAM Control
    • STN/TFT LCD Control
    • Touch Panel Control
    • MMC/SD Card
    • USB
    • 10bit ADC
  • the S3C2440 is like the S3C2410, but @ 400MHz + Camera Interface
  • the S3C24A0 is like the S3C2410 @ 200MHz too, but with additional
    • MPEG4 codec
    • Camera Interface

These chips were originally designed for the 3G phone and PDA markets. However, since they feature low-power consumptions and are loaded with on board peripherals, they may also fit other embedded needs, too.

FS-Forth has a very nice development kit featuring different modules (pin to pin compatible) for the S3C2410 & S3C2440 (click on the picture to enlarge):

For example, here is the S3C2440 module:

Top view

Bottom view

For further information, please visit this website.