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Wednesday 8 June 2011

OpenDSO site

I started a new project whose goal is to design an open source Digital Sampling Oscilloscope: http://code.google.com/p/opendso

Sunday 5 August 2007

KeyPod site created!

This news is to announce the KeyPod site creation!

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Thursday 13 October 2005


Due to abuse, the comments are no longer displayed automatically, but will be reviewed first.

Friday 19 August 2005

Free Energy

In case you doubt there are alternative sources of energy, take a look at the Open Source Energy Network.

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Wednesday 10 August 2005

The Cheapest Linux Geek Platform

Linksys is selling the NSLU2 network storage adapter at a very low price (< 90 Euros).

It is shipped with a builtin Linux, but this can be upgraded to a custom Linux quite easily...

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Monday 8 August 2005

Back online!

After more than one month offline, I am back online!

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Friday 3 June 2005

Trackback test

I am just testing the traceback feature ;-)

Thursday 2 June 2005


After numerous requests from LeGosse, I finally set up a central web page where you can find links to my various web sites!

I decided to have this page in English, rather than my natural language (French), as I want to address an international audience.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Depending on my will (and my free time!), I will update this page less or more often, adding material, links, or whatever i find interesting to others!

Of course, you are welcome to post comments!