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Monday 8 August 2005

Generating Busybox Binary Keymaps

Busybox is considered as the Swiss Army's Knife for embedded Linux: this package offers in a very compact footprint most of all the Linux command-line utilities.

However, as an international developper, I am concerned about using the right keyboard on my computer ;-). Unfortunately, This is not a trivial task in Busybox, as it uses a special binary keymap file format for specifying the keymap to use.

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Friday 17 June 2005

Building a Linux cross toolchain

A very common need during an embedded projet development is to have the set of tools required to compile program for a platform different from the one used for the development itself.

This tool set is known as a cross development toolchain.

Of course, you can use both the available commercial/free pre-compiled toolchains, but you may choose to roll your own...

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Sunday 12 June 2005

Linux Ports

On BSD systems, ports offer a standard way of compiling software packages from source tarballs.

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Saturday 11 June 2005

Linux Device Drivers

This book is an absolute must-have for anyone serious about developping a Linux driver.

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Sunday 5 June 2005

Qt C++ GUI programming

Qt is a robust, multi-patform (Linux, Windows, Mac) framework that enables rapid developments in C++ using the most advanced features available (multi-threading, async I/O, ...).

One very good book on the subject is "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3", by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield (ISBN 0-13-124072-2).

A PDF version of this book is available here.

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Friday 3 June 2005

Video for Linux ressources

A very good page containing lost of video for Linux (V4L in short) ressources.

I even discovered some things there!

VIA 8233 flooding errors

A patch by Alan Cox himself!

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