Here is an internal view:

The features are:

  • Intel IXP420 at 133MHz (no-risk overclocking at 266MHz)
  • 8Mb of Flash memory (Intel 28F630J3 StrataFlash)
  • 32 Mb of soldered SDRAM (Integrated Circuit Solution IC42S16800)
  • 2 Ethernet MII interfaces (only one is actually routed to a Realtek RTL8201cp Ethernet PHY chip)
  • 1 RS232/TTL bidirectional serial port used for console
  • 1 RS232/TTL monodirectional serial port (may be used for a UPS)
  • 1 PCI bus wired to an USB2 chip (NEC µPD720101)
  • Expansion bus (used to drive the Flash memory)
  • 1 JTAG port
  • 16 GPIO pins (none is available, used for LEDs, etc.)
  • 1 RTC chip (Xicor X1205)
  • 1 I2C bus

The NSLU2-Linux website is explaining how to convert this device into a Linux-enabled toy...

This makes it the cheapest available Linux server on Earth!